My list of abandoned projects:

  • WMAlbum
    was a photo album software I started to code using the WINGs toolkit to run on WindowMaker when i bought my Minolta DiMAGE 7i back in 2002. I was looking for a photo album software runnung under Linux - and couldn't find any suitable.
  • WMRadio
    was a frontend for V4L compatible cards to play FM radio. It was also designed for WindowMaker, using the WINGs toolkit.
  • libbtng
    is a library designed to make coding easier and (the main reason why I wrote it) the results better looking. It uses libSDL 1.2 as backend and handles UI functions in hi and lo level as well as basic data types. It is multi-threaded and has a FORTH-like scripting engine.
    As libSDL 2.0 was much better, but in no way compatible with libbtng, the project stalled.
  • libbtng examples
    This package is a compilation of programming samples for libbtng and shows how simple it is to use this library. And they give a good introduction on how to start your own projects.
  • forth stuff
    is about my forth activities. there is a forth subsystem implemented in libbtng and also a stand-alone application. Also, there will be an attic where you will find some forth code i wrote years ago. But first of all i need to copy it off the old data tapes…